Peter Schnell

Winemaker of the Year 2019 Finalist

Peter Schell’s portfolio of wines may seem random, but his experimentation and careful crafting of alternative varieties has produced drops that will keep you coming back for more.

Peter (or Pete, as he’s universally known) Schell is a man of instinct; exploring possibilities and opportunities with an innate curiosity and intuition. Schell experiments with parcels of fruit, often blending them for some years into his seemingly random portfolio of dangerously drinkable wines before allowing a variety to fly solo.

“While Schell’s wines remain quite unlike the traditional Barossa norm, they remain saturated with what we often call a ‘sense of place’ and maintain an unmistakable Barossan soul.”

Bibendum Wine Co

The Spinifex range is a reflection of the (often minuscule) parcels of fruit that Schell seeks out from both ancient vines and new-wave varieties. Schell finds that these old vines – which have tolerated the rigours of drought and heat – produce fruit of exceptional depth, with the indefinable savoury flavours that set Spinifex apart from the stereotypical Barossa style.